Gallery: Ships in the Keweenaw

You could say we have a slight obsession with taking photos of the many vessels passing through the Keweenaw. Over the past few years, we’ve spotted a number of yachts, tug boats, coast guard vessels, and other interesting boats traveling through the Portage Canal and Keweenaw Bay. Enjoy! 

Taking Shelter from a Christmas Storm

On December 23rd, we captured two Great Lakes ships taking shelter in Keweenaw Bay. The forecast called for 40+ mph winds on Lake Superior through Christmas Eve, with things calming down on Christmas Day. Seen here are John G. Munson (foreground) and Cason J. Callaway (background) taking shelter from the high winds. Both ships were built in 1952 and are classified as self-discharging bulk carriers.

Preparing for Winter

The Algoma Conveyor unloading salt in Hancock. The salt piles marks the beginning of winter for us here in the Keweenaw. As the temperatures drop and lake effect snow begins to cover the peninsula, snow plow crews spread a mixture of salt and sand over the roads to minimize ice formation and keep the roads safe for travel. This 740 foot carrier was built in China, crossed the Pacific Ocean, and sailed through the Panama Canal before ending its journey in Canada. It currently sails under the Canadian Flag 🇨🇦

Super Yacht Docks in Houghton

After anchoring in the middle Portage Lake overnight, Billioniare Andrew Currie’s super yacht made its way under the lift bridge on August 19th, 2019. The crew sailed to the Apostle Islands before returning to Houghton for several days. The yacht drew crowds to the waterfront as people wanted a closer look at this pristine vessel. The crew interacted with many people, answering questions and accepting gifts from welcoming Yoopers. The vessel is estimated to be worth around $125 million.

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