Project Goals

With an idea that would alter a method that’s been used in the trucking industry for over 80 years, LoadTraxx aimed to build a software product that would transform tracking and invoicing for short haul trucking. 

With a SmartCreative client forming part of the LoadTraxx team partnership, they knew we were the right choice as a long-term partner for their marketing efforts.

The Backstory

The LoadTraxx team knew a major pain point was in the transfer of daily logs from driver to the office because one of the partners owns a construction company. They envisioned an app that could serve as a tracking platform and after meeting and planning an app layout, they realized it had legs.

Our Approach

We met with the LoadTraxx team to discuss their goals and review their app layout. After the meeting, we got to work and dialed a myriad of ideas into an app that was extremely easy to use. Seeing a design prototype opened their eyes to the viability of the product, and they quickly moved into development as we kicked off a branding exercise. 

As we began research and discovery, we knew the brand had to embody the trucking industry and we went through a lot of elements before pitching logo concepts. After a few rounds of revisions and color palettes, the logo was approved and LoadTraxx came to life. Leading the way is an icon that combines a tire and map pin to convey the platform’s ability to track the activity of short haul trucks mark locations on a map. 

With the logo finalized, the design of the app and app store messaging came next. The LoadTraxx app quickly went live and the team began scheduling presentations to show off their innovative product.

Once news of this transformational platform started spreading throughout the industry, the team realized they needed a website live as soon as possible. Within a couple of days, we had designed and developed a website, complete with messaging and content. This created an effective web presence that potential customers could be directed to. 

With a website live, we designed sale sheets and several other print materials to accompany LoadTraxx’s sales efforts.  

As a major player in the success of the LoadTraxx brand, we continue to evolve the print and digital brand assets while the company grows and discovers new markets. 

Scope of Work


Product Naming





Graphic Design

Business Cards

Sales Flyer

Social Media Graphics



UI/UX Design

Marketing Consultation


Break into a market that’s been using traditional tracking methods (paper) for 80+ years. 

Simplify a complex idea into an easy to use app.

Stay ahead of a client who goes 100mph.


Launch the site