The Start of A Great Relationship With Michigan Tech

Michigan Tech Center for Educational Outreach was left in quite the predicament – as everyone else was – when the pandemic hit. Each year they host a program called “Summer Youth Programs” or SYP for middle / high school students who are interested in STEM programs, at MTU. This year as students were not allowed on campus, summer youth programs like everything else, had to move virtual. 

Michigan Tech Center for Educational Outreach did an AMAZING job with this transition! Short staffed and with a ridiculous timeline they pulled it off. Transferring the sought after real world hands on experiences from campus to the students home through boxes of tangible items. After a successful summer with their virtual summer youth programs, they saw a huge opportunity for this program outside of just the summer. The program was quickly named “Virtual Youth Programs or (vYP)”  with goals to expand outside of the summer months as a program to supplement and live a part from SYP. The only thing missing now was a brand. 

Michigan Tech contacted SmartCreative looking for a visual identity and a messaging component to match. There were a lot of challenges and pieces to put together for this project, but after delivering 3 concepts and 2 rounds of revisions we built a brand. working with vYP was an absolute blast, and lead to an amazing relationship with Michigan Tech since. We are so glad to have clients that are making an impact and even more excited to be part of their journey and to help them succeed.

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