Graphic Design

Powerful visuals that impact your business.

Branding for Creative Mines in Hancock, Michigan

Unique Design.
Every Time.

Great design captures attention and holds interest. It changes minds and encourages action. It explains, clarifies and simplifies. It provides continuity, cohesion and order. Great design endures.

SmartCreative provides design that is truly distinct to you.


A true range of motion.

Great design is not just what looks good but what functions well for you and your customers. From flyers to signs, from mobile apps to product packaging, we can offer a calibrated design every time.

Graphic Design for a Trade show Booth Houghton Michigan
Logo Design for Copper Country Inn Houghton Michigan


The devil is in the details. Your design should be flawless for painless future use from large format print to digital. Have design elements that are easy to use for any format. 


close up of a black and kashima coated fox transfer dropper post

3 Ways To Photograph Your Products

Product photography is an essential element in selling your merchandise online. Having quality photos allows your potential customers to feel like they can truly understand

Chainsaw Photography of Echo

Why Your Logo is Not Your Brand

Prioritize Your Messaging Over Your Logo “Please make the logo bigger” is one of the most requested edits graphic designers get. Don’t get me wrong—many