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Photos capture powerful stories in a single snapshot. We make sure your photos are speaking to your audience in the best possible way, arranged so nothing distracts from your message.

Photography Services Houghton Michigan

Big picture.
Small Details.

We keep the big picture in mind and also make sure every technical detail is correct. SmartCreative captures stunning photos that will strengthen your brand and enhance your marketing materials.

Perfect Timing.

Not staged? No problem. Grabbing shots from the background is just part of what we do. Get a gallery full of live action, candid photos that can’t be scrolled past. Products, aerial, commercial, lifestyle, action, real estate, events, and more. In-house or on location, we’ll plan a custom photoshoot for you. 

Outdoor Photography Snow Bike

A Different Point of View

A little drone action can make a big impact in your marketing materials. SmartCreative’s aerial photos provide crucial context or an impressive backdrop for your brand. We are certified by the FAA to operate drones for all projects including commercial, lifestyle, real estate, and more.

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3 Ways To Photograph Your Products

Product photography is an essential element in selling your merchandise online. Having quality photos allows your potential customers to feel like they can truly understand

Chainsaw Photography of Echo

Why Your Logo is Not Your Brand

Prioritize Your Messaging Over Your Logo “Please make the logo bigger” is one of the most requested edits graphic designers get. Don’t get me wrong—many