Brand stories, commercials, training and product videos, testimonials, and more.


Showing is always better than telling. Making an impact is a lot easier when you tell your story in a way that makes a difference. SmartCreative can produce brand stories, promotional videos, commercials, training and product overview videos, testimonial interviews, and more.

SmartCreative handles every detail throughout the production and post-production process, making it a painless process for our clients. Our video services aren’t just available in the Houghton/Keweenaw area – we’ll travel across the Upper Peninsula or to the other side of the country. 


In a social, content-first world, video is vital. Did you know that 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube each day? Video is a valuable, powerful way to tell your brand’s story and showcase your product or service.

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Can’t afford a helicopter? That’s ok, we have it covered. Our drone helps us capture moments from a bird-eye view. Aerial shots can provide a stunning backdrop to your story or provide important contextual elements you could only see from the sky.

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WHo You are matters.
how you tell your story matters more.


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Chainsaw Photography of Echo

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