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These days your web presence is the center of a complete marketing effort – we make sure it reflects your brand standards and is easy to use. SmartCreative’s web design and development department offers the latest in website design strategies and compliant web development that meets current web standards.

SmartCreative’s Houghton, MI web team creates a marketing-first website that draws in and retains visitors, is simple to navigate and performs well in search. Our custom design will distinguish your brand from your competition and delivers a framework that is both easy to use and easy to manage.

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ProNav Marine


We designed and developed ProNav’s first website in 2015 and when they determined it was time for the brand to take the next step we jumped right in. With a technical product that has to be seen to be fully understood, we knew video was going to be key in this complete website redesign. We used a video hero to highlight how easy their product is to use and coupled that with a traffic study that drives traffic to the right content where videos back up the messaging.

“We saw the impact the new design had the day after it launched – sessions, pageviews, and pages per session all jumped while the bounce rate dropped – and it continues to trend up in search!”
Travis White, CEO

Canal Run


“We’re always focused on how we can provide the best experience for the participants in our event, and we know that a mobile-friendly experience and easy-to-navigate layout will help people focus less on finding information and more on getting what they need from our website,” said Michael H. Babcock, a member of the Canal Run’s organizing committee.”

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Great Lakes Sound & Vibration


Great Lakes Sound & Vibration needed to upgrade from a website that they couldn’t update to one that they easily could. We designed and developed a custom WordPress website that they can edit and add content as they see fit. Unlike the old website, the new website is also Responsive so that it provides one user experience across all platforms that it will be viewed on.

SmartCreative has impressed us because they are prompt and professional, but more importantly Scott has taken the time to know our products, our customers, and our team.”
Steven Mattson, President

Omega House


Omega House trusted SmartCreative to provide their visitors an easier way to learn about Omega House services and also to allow the visitor to browse information based on their own choice. Their current and prospective clients will find useful information throughout the website in a clean, easy to navigate design.

“Scott is very energetic and a pleasure to work with.”
Michael Lutz, Executive Director