Tervo Agency Rebrand


Project Goals

After their old brand served them for over 40 years, Tervo Agency knew it was time for an update. They needed a modern brand to reflect their philosophy: insurance shouldn’t be so complicated. 

A Painful Backstory

Prior to contacting SmartCreative, the Tervo team was trying to work with another developer to design and launch a new website. They waited for over 6 months and didn’t see a single concept. Enough was enough. 

Our Painless Approach

We sat down for coffee with the Tervo team to discuss their brand refresh and get a better understanding of what drives the company. 

With Tervo being one of the oldest businesses in the Copper Country (started in 1864), the agency had name recognition and loyalty among locals but needed to target a new market segment. 

After our research and discovery, we designed and presented multiple logo concepts that were modern with clean, easy to read fonts. The logo had to be legible – easy to read in print, on iPhone screens, and (most importantly) from the other side of a hockey rink – and after a couple rounds of revisions and one color exercise, the final design was approved.

As a big breath of relief after Tervo’s painful experience with the other developer, we designed, developed, and launched a new Tervo website in 6 short weeks. The website effort included brand messaging, copywriting and a multi-location photoshoot that put the icing on the cake. 

To top it all off, Tervo renovated their office to match the brand. It’s bright and modern, with the new logo prominent behind the main desk.

Scope of Work

Logo Design

Website Design

Website Development

Digital Radio Advertising


Business Cards


Modernize a brand that was designed in the 1970s. 

Design a logo that can be read across a hockey rink.

Get through a meeting at the Tervo office without emptying the coffee pot. 


Launch the site