The Value of a Logo

It can be really hard to demonstrate the value of logo design. Especially, the cost of a good logo design. Some things, like the value of web design, are much clearer to understand. Anyone can easily recognize the work that goes into designing and building a website. There’s planning, coding, creating graphics, organizing content, and a host of other elements going on in the background that, even though you can’t even see it all, you know is there. You may not understand how it works and might be very wary about even attempting it. That just makes hiring someone who knows what they’re doing a no-brainer! And at the end of it all, you have a beautiful, functional website where most of your online business takes place and returns a profit. When it comes to logo design, however, the complex stuff in the background is much more invisible. With a logo, it seems like what you see is all there is, and “hey, it doesn’t look so hard! I could do that!”, right? And also, what difference is there really between a hundred thousand dollar logo and a $20 one?

Adaptability & Usage

A good logo will be timeless and versatile. You’ll be able to use it for years, on your website, business cards, packaging, social media, across all your marketing material, and anything else related to your business. Think of how many people see your logo and the value it brings to your business by helping it to be more noticeable, and look professional. The widespread use of your logo, compared to a “one-time” design, like a marketing flyer, is one reason why the price of a logo becomes high. The reliability and longevity the logo needs to have is part of why so much research and thought has to go into its design.


Your logo is a core visual element of your brand, and your brand is a central part of your business. A good brand is often the difference between a successful business and one that never manages to take off. Your logo is part of a strategy that determines how you define your business. How it builds trust and recognisability from your audience. How it set your business apart. The effort and expertise involved in creating a visual concept unique to your business are immense compared to relying on standard design practices for a piece of collateral.

Design Expertise

We like to share the story of an electrician who was called to fix a faulty light switch. The electrician came, took a look at the wiring, and after a couple of minutes, tightened one screw that fixed the problem.

He then passed a bill for $200 to the customer who balked. “$200 for two minutes of work when all you did was tighten one screw??” “No,” said the electrician. “$5 for my time. $195 for knowing which screw to tighten.” See, you’re not just paying for a file of an image. Not even just for the time it takes to create the logo. You’re paying for knowledge and expertise. Often years of it. Not everyone with a copy of Illustrator knows how to create a good logo. As with many other investment-type purchases, usually, you get what you pay for. Not every business (especially new ones) has a big budget for branding, but we do want to help people consider their options and make an informed decision about what’s best.