Why Your Logo is Not Your Brand

Prioritize Your Messaging Over Your Logo

“Please make the logo bigger” is one of the most requested edits graphic designers get. Don’t get me wrong—many companies invest a lot into the creation and credibility of their logo. However, your logo shouldn’t necessarily be the first thing people see. Let us explain.


Your target audience is interested in learning about your product or service and how they could benefit from it. This messaging should be prioritized over your logo and will catch and hold your audience’s attention and, later on, their loyalty. Your logo should not be competing with your important messaging or call to action. 


Your messaging, values, and the experience your customer has with you all play an essential role in how your target audience views your brand. Your logo is a supporting element for your brand, but it doesn’t communicate all of your brand attributes on its own.  

Leverage Other Design Elements to Build a Recognizeable Brand

You can also leverage other design elements to ensure that your brand is recognizable. Take Starbucks as an example; you can instantly recognize the brand by its imagery, white space, typography, colors, and messaging. The logo is regarded last as a confirmation that you are in the right place. This recognition is the ultimate goal of good branding.

Customers are not drawn to what is largest but what is easiest to understand. Consider a few of the most successful brands today; their logos are not emblazoned aggressively across their packaging but instead placed thoughtfully throughout the buyer’s journey. While your logo is a crucial asset for your brand, it is only a small component. The greater emphasis should be placed on the visual communication of the overall design and the impact your business will have on your customer. If done well, this is what will create returning customers for your business, not your logo.