3 Ways To Photograph Your Products

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Product photography is an essential element in selling your merchandise online. Having quality photos allows your potential customers to feel like they can truly understand the product details. There are several different styles of images that can help your client get the most accurate picture of your product. Take Product Photos with a Plain Backdrop […]

Why Your Logo is Not Your Brand

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Prioritize Your Messaging Over Your Logo “Please make the logo bigger” is one of the most requested edits graphic designers get. Don’t get me wrong—many companies invest a lot into the creation and credibility of their logo. However, your logo shouldn’t necessarily be the first thing people see. Let us explain. Your target audience is […]

Shaggy’s Skis: Connecting Market Research and the Consumer Buying Process

Houghton Michigan Market Research

Before starting a major branding project, we dive into industry and market research to understand where a company sits in the marketplace and build a solid foundation for the new direction. This process often brings important discoveries to the surface. During our project for Shaggy’s Skis, we collected survey data from 200 Shaggy’s customers and […]

How to Generate Content For Social Media

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As a small business owner, coming up with ideas for social media posts can seem like a needless task. While we know it is critical to show up on social media regularly, it can feel daunting to generate new content all the time. Here are a few of our favorite prompts when it comes to […]

4 Principles for Great Design

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Whether you are a small business owner making your own social media content or a budding graphic designer, you will benefit from a good understanding of CRAP. C.R.A.P., a design principle developed by Robin Patricia Williams, stands for Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity. These four principles lead to designs that delight users and get them to engage with your […]