4 Principles for Great Design

Whether you are a small business owner making your own social media content or a budding graphic designer, you will benefit from a good understanding of CRAP. C.R.A.P., a design principle developed by Robin Patricia Williams, stands for Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity. These four principles lead to designs that delight users and get them to engage with your […]

Common Website Hosting Questions Part 1

The internet is a complicated thing, and our clients rely on us to successfully launch and maintain their websites so they can be a part of the digital world. Here are some of our most asked questions about website hosting. What is website hosting?  Every website we build contains photos, text, shapes, buttons, and other […]

The Key to Creating a Great Story: B-Roll

Almost all of our video shoots consist of two types of video capture: interview and b-roll. The interview footage (also considered a-roll) is the main video of a person or other subject. B-Roll footage is the supplemental video we lay over the interview footage. The b-roll video is extremely impactful as it helps tell the […]

Signs Your Website May Not Meet Google’s Standards

Google will be rolling out their new Page Experience Update starting this June. This update includes new ranking factors that basically encourage site owners to simplify their sites to provide a better experience for users. What this means for you: Your website will start being ranked based on updated speed and experience metrics. While you […]

The Value of a Logo

It can be really hard to demonstrate the value of logo design. Especially, the cost of a good logo design. Some things, like the value of web design, are much clearer to understand. Anyone can easily recognize the work that goes into designing and building a website. There’s planning, coding, creating graphics, organizing content, and […]